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Insured and Licensed - Idaho Contractors License: RCE-41697 - Idaho Department of Public Works: 017315

Our Work vs. The Low Bidder

We take pride in Our Work!

Business that don't, never last. If they aren't around when things start to fall apart, you can call us. Or, you can call us first! We've been here for over 40 years because we take pride in our work.

Costly example of our work vs. The Low Bidder

Us vs. The Low Bidder

Pictured is an example of a local construction company that was installing pre-fabricated masonry buildings. They received two building on the job site with damage. They put the repair work out to bid and went with the low bidder. Once the work was nearly complete, the contractor noticed that the mason's work was poor quality and freezing. The contractor had to pay the masonry sub-contractor for their poor work and call us to fix the issues and properly install the blocks.

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Our Work vs. The Low Bidder

Masonry repaired with caulk. A common problem that we're often asked to repair.

A proper repair job will not always blend perfectly but, a professional mason will make every effort to match existing colors and textures and always repair masonry with masonry! Caulking will never match existing work and only provides a temporary solution that typically needs to be replaced every few years. ...and, it REALLY looks bad.

Always ask your masonry contractor how he intends to repair your masonry BEFORE he starts working. Once caulking is used on a masonry surface, it can be difficult to impossible to remove without damaging the masonry.

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Our Work vs. The Low Bidder

A Professional Mason will make every effort to match your existing masonry.

Masonry is seldom easy to match. A Professional Mason has the knowledge and resources to locate brick/block components that will be close in many cases. A GOOD Professional Mason can often construct a similar component.

The job pictured is an example of a situation where matching bricks were not available. We were able to use masonry mortar and a combination of colors to make brick components that very closely matched the existing.

In some cases, an option to replace all masonry is the best solution. A Professional Mason should provide you with alternatives if he believes that a close match is not attainable.

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Happy Customers

Founders, Gary and Ann Fackrell, have always envisioned a business committed to providing personal one-on-one service for their community. This vision has been the driving force behind keeping a well known successful business small and friendly. All projects are supervised by Gary or one of his sons and each project is treated as an advertisement for the work that Fackrell Masonry and Construction performs.

“Fackrell Masonry was contracted to install new stone work on the outside of the Company Store... I'm very happy with the overall project that Fackrell Masonry did for us, both with the work at hand and in the cost involved. We would also extend the offer that any prospective client feel free to contact us.”
New Masonry

Thomas E. Mitchell

Industrial Metal Enterprises LLC

“...worked closely with us to create a custom fireplace and chimney that incorporated personal finishes and unique configurations. This project posed difficult challenges which included difficult access, unique configuration constraints and structural concerns. Fackrell Masonry and Construction worked with other contractors to provide a complete solution that enhanced our home, added value, and maximized our space. Fackrell Masonry and Construction exceeded expectations by providing finish work and detail not included in their contract.”
Custom Masonry

A. and R. Jacobs

“Fackrell Masonry and Construction was asked to restore deteriorating stone on the 100-year-old Oregon Short Line Railroad Depot. They worked with an Idaho Historical Society Architect to develop new stone faces that match the existing stone while maintaining the buildings historical character
Historical Restoration

Idaho Potato Museum

What We Do

Serving Idaho and the surrounding areas for over 40 years, Fackrell Masonry and Construction specializes in small to medium sized residential, commercial and government masonry repair, historical restoration and custom masonry projects. Some of our work includes historical restoration at City of Rocks National Reserve, masonry construction of the Blackfoot McDonald's, multiple U.S. Service comfort stations, stone restoration of the Oregon Short Line Railroad Depot (Idaho Potato Museum) and a variety of new and repair/restoration projects.